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Autumn Avery

Interim Executive Director

Also working as the Board Treasurer, Autumn stepped in to fill the vacant position of Executive Director in November 2021.


Rebecca Ryan

Case Manager

Rebecca grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has lived on the Palouse for the last 11 years. She's been an advocate for victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual assault. She's also facilitated support groups for individuals who have experienced trauma. Rebecca is a certified Parent Educator and has enjoyed the last six years teaching in the community as well as in Family Promise. She has five kiddos of her own, two of whom are adopted from foster care. Working with the foster system and the parents who are working towards reunification with their children had a big impact on her choice to become a parent educator. Rebecca is passionate about her work at Family Promise. Providing individuals with the tools and support they need to make informed choices is an amazing opportunity.


Angie Griner

Shelter Coordinator

Born and raised on the Palouse, Angie earned her Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education. She taught school in an Alaskan village, experiencing first hand the impact of social, economic, and cultural differences on society. She has experience working with the foster care system and with victims of domestic abuse. She later returned to the Palouse to raise her own family and spent much time volunteering/working for local organizations and the school system. Most recently she returned to school and earned an AA from Walla Walla Community College in Accounting, and believes it is never to late to learn something new. She works part time using her new degree, but her passion is for family and she is anxious to serve other families as they strive for a better future.


Karissa Huntsman

Program Assistant



Therapy K-9

Kevin is a 6-year-old Newfoundland who loves going swimming, taking long naps, and getting lots of belly rubs. His Human is Rebecca and he follows her everywhere she goes. Kevin brings a calming presence not only to our office but to our families as well. He has the softest heart for our littles and is an absolute gentle giant.