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Struggling with homelessness? We're here to help!

Call (208) 882-0165 or email to get started.


Family Promise is designed to work with families experiencing homelessness. You are eligible for our assistance as long as there are children under 18 years old in the household - even if you are working to regain custody or you are pregnant with your first child. Guests must pass a criminal background check showing no violent crimes and commit to program guidelines, including being drug-free.


We help families work toward their goals by locating resources, providing job and educational support, assisting with financial planning, and helping locate affordable housing. Families who participate in the program agree to work with staff to develop a plan for regaining stability.


Once in the program, families will spend their nights in either a hotel room or a host congregation's facilities, staying in each facility for one week at a time. Families will stay together and be served dinner each night by the host congregation. In the morning after breakfast, we will transport families to our day center. Children will attend school and adults will work towards individualized goals. They will then return to the host site (or hotel room) in the evening.


The length of a stay typically lasts about 60 days with a maximum program length of 90 days.

Making Notes
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Step 1

Intake Process

Families in need of support start by calling our office at (208) 882-0165. This will allow us to discuss if entering our shelter program is an option for them. Then an intake interview will be scheduled, where we learn more about the family and further discuss our program. 

Step 2

Shelter Care

Once a family has been accepted and agreed to be part of our program, they begin their stays at our Day Center and congregational shelter. While in shelter, they are required to participate in program components to help them gain lasting independence. This includes intense case-management, parenting classes, financial literacy, life skills, transportation and many program incentives. After families have completed shelter care, they transition into After Care/Follow up.

Step 3


While in after care, a family will continue meetings with our case manager to continue working on their case plan and financial literacy. Families in after care still have access to many program supports and are provided with incentives to continue. Once families have completed up to a year of after-care, they will graduate from Family Promise of the Palouse.



We have compiled a list of emergency shelters, financial help, food banks, health & wellness services, recovery groups, employment services, and more on the Palouse (with a few in Lewiston/Clarkston as well).

Weaving Abundance on the Palouse has more resource guides at their Poverty on the Palouse website.

More help can be found from your state's 211 hotline: Washington   Idaho

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