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Our Impact

Family Promise allows communities to develop comprehensive, holistic solutions for families facing homelessness. Families come to us in crisis; our approach of coordinated compassion helps them rebuild their lives with new skills and ongoing support.

(Statistics last updated August 31, 2021)



Individuals served: 276
Families served: 89
Number of children served: 156
Pregnant women served: 10
Average Length of Stay: 60 Days


Families Secure Permanent Housing: 75%
Families Secure Transitional Housing: 2%
Families Exit To Housing: 81%


Family Compositions

Two-Parent Families 40.5%
Female-Headed Single Parent Families 41.8%
Male-Headed Single Parent Families 13.9%
Mixed Household: 3.8%
Families from the Palouse 94%

Services Provided

Bed nights provided: 13,330
Meals provided: 40,198
Adults employed while at FPP: 53%
Families participate in aftercare: 41
Families Receiving Prevention Services: 7

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Our Volunteers

Over 800 trained volunteers
10 Host Congregations
20 Partner Congregations
Over 50,000 Volunteer Hours Logged

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