Night Without a Bed

What Is Night Without a Bed?

Night Without a Bed is a nationwide challenge where people of all ages spend a night outside their own bed to raise awareness of family homelessness.

Who Can Participate?

Parents, children, congregations, FPP volunteers, and anyone else who wants to raise awareness about family homelessness!

How Can I Participate?

SOCIAL MEDIA CHALLENGE: On the night of Saturday, June 26, sleep anywhere but a bed: a car, tent, couch, or even a floor. Then, take a picture or video of your experience and share it to social media with the hashtag #NightWithoutABed.

SPREAD THE WORD: Invite friends and family to participate with you!

KICKOFF EVENT: On the 26th, join us at the day center (510 W Palouse River Drive) at 6:30 PM for an hour of games and education about family homelessness. Activities include a trivia game, yard games, and a photo booth for you to kickstart the social media challenge. 

DONATE: Visit the event's donation page to help us ensure that families in our program maintain access to beds.