DECEMBER 10-31, 2020


Give Hope this Christmas to Families in Need.

EVERY CHILD DESERVES A HOME…not a motel room, not the back seat of a van or a couch in a neighbor’s trailer. Every child NEEDS a healthy family and a safe place to live.

Family Promise provides shelter and a path towards a more promising future for homeless families with children.  Consequently, 80% of our families find a safe place to live within 90 days.

"We don’t fix people…but we give them time to heal. 

We don’t solve their problems but we help address the issues that caused homelessness. "

We hope that you will contribute to Family Promise to help make this vital work possible.

Donations of $25.00 or more will be increased by 35% until December 31, 2020, through the Avenues for Hope Housing Challenge that is sponsored by the Home Partnership Foundation.

How to Donate

Please consider contributing to Family Promise by clicking  Here 





Write a check to :

Family Promise, P.O. Box 9389, Moscow, ID 83843.


How to MAXIMIZE your donation

At Family Promise of the Palouse, for every $1 donated we are able to provide our families with $3 worth of goods and services thanks to our amazing volunteers. Avenues for Hope allows us to take that dollar even further with their matching prizes and challenges. Donate a gift of $25 to help Family Promise and know that homeless children and their families will be the real winners this season.


So, join us in providing the gift of hope this Christmas. With your help, we will achieve our goal of raising $50,000 in this campaign season. Spread the word, team up with your family and friends, and follow us on Facebook to learn more about mid giving prizes.

Thank you for your kindness, You are Essential!

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